I could do that...

If you read my first post ever, you might recall that I mentioned that I'm interested in lots of things. I haven't decided if this is good or not. I think it depends.

Earlier today we were watching some Bill Engvall routines, and I was enjoying myself hugely. I think Bill Engvall is just hilarious. But then I caught myself dissecting his routine, to find out why exactly I think his routine is so funny. And as I compiled a mental list, I caught myself thinking "I could do that". Followed by the thought "Are you completely out of your mind???"

Apparently I am definitely out of my mind. Because tonight alone I looked up comedy clubs in my area to find out when open mic nights are, and have started jotting down notes to assist me in the creation of a routine.

I don't know how long this will take me to put together, but I promise that when I do, and when I do an open mic night, I will be sure to have someone videotape it. Because even if I'm not all that funny, the fail will surely be hilarious.